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Raina was born and raised in Southern California. As a young adult, she moved to Arizona to attend Prescott College where she earned a BA degree in Environmental Studies.


Art had always been a part of Raina's life, and she had often dreamed of becoming an artist, but she was reluctant to fully commit to her artwork because of typical fears that people have about choosing that career path. One day while browsing through a roommates copy of a Griffin and Sabine book, an overwhelming feeling came over her, and she knew she could no longer ignore the yearning inside her.


In the year 2000 Raina decided that she had to act,  and within a weeks' time she had applied to the University of Arizona's art program, quit her job, and gave notice to her house mates that she was moving to Tucson! From that moment on the Universe seemed to support her in her decision, and propel her forward toward the goal of becoming a true artist, making it obvious to Raina that she had made the best decision of her life.


She received her degree in art from the UA in 2002. Raina's artwork incorporates her studies in printmaking, life drawing, and painting, and is heavily influenced by her education at Prescott College. She views each canvas as a playground for her psyche. Each piece evolves naturally and intuitively with little structure or expectation about the final outcome. Through this organic approach to art making, Raina believes that she taps into and expresses universal themes that many people can identify with. Through complex layering of acrylic paint and ink, with a focus on nature or the female form, she creates meaningful, evocative works that draw her viewers in, and expresses her deep love and connection with the natural world.


Raina lives in Prescott, Arizona


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What medium do you use to create your paintings?

A:  All of my painting are done with acrylic paint and black ink, on wood panels.


Q:  Are your original paintings for sale, and how do I purchase one?

A:  Most of my original paintings, that are still available for sale, are listed in the section, on this website, labeled 'Originals for Sale.'   They are available through various galleries that represent my work.  Please contact me, and I can provide you with information on where a piece can be purchased.


Q:   Do you offer larger prints than what's available on your website?

A:  Yes.  Most of my work can be printed in larger sizes.  These can be ordered by contacting me directly at: rainaartwork@gmail.com


Q:   Do you offer prints of your work on canvas?

A:  Yes, these can be ordered directly from me.  Contact me at:  rainaartwork@gmail.com for sizes and pricing.


Q:  When ordering a print, do the sizes refer to the size of the printed image?

A:  Not usually.  Most of my prints are a standard size, and they come with double mats, and are ready to be framed.  The sizes, 16" x 20," or

11" x 14," for example, is the overall size with the double matting.  It is also the size frame you will need for that print.   So, it is not the size of the printed image.  In the case of Limited Edition prints, which do not come with matting, it refers to the paper size (17" x 22") or if the image is an odd size, it will list the dimensions of the printed image itself.  This is true with all odd sized images, such as 7 1/2" x 20."  These are the actual size of the printed image, and they do not come with matting.

We received the prints yesterday and they are gorgeous, better looking than in the gallery! We are very happy with them. Do you ship to London? My niece is returning there and may want to order again. Thanks again and keep making more beautiful artwork.

- Deborah, in Phoenix, AZ


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